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B.STRONG 5K - AUGUST 19, 2020

Happy Birthday, Bernard!

On August 19, 2020 over 500 participants, including 44 cancer survivors, from every state in the U.S., DC, Canada, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Switzerland came together "virtually" to celebrate what would have been Bernard's 46th birthday and the first we spent without him. Together this amazing group of people raised over $36,500 to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Below are thank you's recognizing the people from each state/country who participated along with pictures of many of them from the 5k. A number of pictures have associated remarks so we welcome you to click on them to read more. States and countries are listed alphabetically, minus California that comes last.

Participants are welcome to still send event day pictures to

Instead of the usual race medal participants received a shoe token. Over his 8 years of treatment Bernard and Dee spent hundreds of days at City of Hope. The hospital encourages patients to be active so for every mile walked you got a token.  8 laps around the floor was a mile. Bernard walked over 60 miles, more than two marathons while under going treatment, walking when he could pulling his IV pole with him. He has over a hundred race medals but these foot tokens were much harder earned. Each participant will have this shoe token, to do with as they wish, and we hope it motivates them to never let the hard things stop them and to never, never give up.

We are so grateful to this inaugural group in helping pay tribute to Bernard.

Thank you also to Fleet Feet San Diego, CrossFit 858 and Fitness Finders for their support.

This will be an annual event and if you are interested in helping please contact

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